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We are String Insiders.

String Insiders doesn’t want knowledge of the string world to be exclusive information. The idea of “learning by doing” is not only outdated, but wastes so many people’s time. Why make the same mistake so many others are making? Instead, we believe in opening conversation so you can learn from those that have already been through it.

We also don’t think that students can only become successful musicians if they went to Curtis or Juilliard and won several competitions. In fact, if success is being happy, helping others, and having a healthy income, we believe all musicians can accomplish that. We’re here to help you figure out exactly how through our flagship programs. Hint: it starts online!

Our Programs

We host live programs throughout the year as well as static resources and programs you can join any time! Click each title for more info.

Strings Virtual Summit

For one week every August, we host 30 of the world’s greatest string players to come and share their wisdom on everything from intonation to motivation, from building a social media presence to making it as a freelancer.

Online Solo Strings Intensive (OSSI)

One of the first online music festivals to exist, OSSI brings top-tier faculty from all over the US right to your laptop! Students receive private lessons, studio class, masterclasses, and participate in several practical evening sessions.

In-Person Strings Intensive (IPSI)

An off-shoot of OSSI, the very first IPSI is coming this winter 2020, featuring the incredible Verona Quartet on faculty. Approximately 20 students will be accepted to this COVID-safe chamber program, located in Dallas, TX.

Private & Group Coaching

Ready to take the next step to a financially stable career? Work with Alyssa Tong, director of String Insiders, to tackle social media, teach others your skills, and make an impact on the community. You’ll walk away with a plan and vision to take advantage of the wide-open online space.

Upcoming Events

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Take advantage of our programs coming up!

In-Person Strings Intensive

December 26, 2020-January 3, 2021

Study chamber music for an entire week with the incredible Verona Quartet, current Artists-in-Residence at Oberlin College & Conservatory and 2020 Cleveland Quartet Award Recipients.
Program will take place outside Dallas, TX, on a ranch with performance opportunities and proper COVID safety protocol.

Online Solo Strings Intensive

January 4-10, 2021

Study with the best teachers across the United States in preparation for spring auditions at colleges and conservatories.  Learn More

Group Coaching with Alyssa

January – March 2021

Work closely with Alyssa, director of String Insiders, to put together your own project, launch successfully, and avoid common pitfalls along the way.  Learn More

Strings Virtual Summit

August 2021

Learn from top artists all over the world. We host 30 speakers with 30+ hours of content for FREE in August. Get on our email list to stay updated!  Learn More

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